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NutriProduce offers specialized training both on and off- farm to practitioners keen to build their capacities in food, seed and market systems. Our main client being smallholders, we love to embed our training up to the smallest of organized groups.

International Training Course on Organic Agriculture (ITCOA)-2019

(ITCOA) is a intensive training course that exposes university students to the fundamentals of agroecology, developing an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of agroecology, agrobiodiversity and their applications, amongst students.

Agroecology and agrobiodiversity training course (aatc) 2021

(AATC) is an intensive training course that exposes university students on Organic Agriculture which over the years has built a network of alumni from different Universities in four countries of focus – Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Agroecology In Rangelands

Rangeland food systems around the world are increasingly facing complex problems with changing climate, environmental, and socio-economic conditions.


Though agroecology initially dealt primarily with crop production and rotection aspects, in recent decades new dimensions such as nvironmental, social, economic, ethical and development issues are becoming relevant.

our blueprint

Our value offering draws from a carefully crafted matrix of advisory, sustainable production, and healthy food systems. From seed to consumable products, we strive to maintain a clear, traceable pathway from farm to fork.

agroecology and agrobiodiversity
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What You Get

Consumers who regularly buy or consume sustainably produced food have healthier dietary patterns, such as higher consumption of fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain products and lower consumption of meat, compared to other consumers.